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Check out our Exciting 2022 ACA Reporting Product Enhancements

Product Updates
Nov 28, 2022

Employee Navigator is pleased to announce its latest feature enhancements to the ACA reporting product based on user feedback. Some key highlights include:

New Manage Hours Import Dashboard: To provide you with more insight into imports being processed using the Manage Hours tool, we have added an import dashboard. This dashboard will allow you to see all historical imports and any error reports tied to the import. We’ve taken the guesswork away by identifying and displaying the reason for an error or failure.

Efficient Eligibility Dashboard Management: The New Hire and Standard Stability Dashboards allow you to manage Variable Hour employees throughout the year. The following updates were made to allow for more efficient management of your Variable Hour employees:

  • Employees will now display in the “HR Pending Action” stat within 13 months of their eligible date. This will provide clarity regarding which employees can still have action taken on them for their New Hire period.
  • Added a terminated stat to show terminated employees and allow for them to be accessed from the dashboard.
  • Aligned all stats on the Standard Stability Period tab.

Enhanced the Audit and E-File Process: We improved the audit process to provide you with more clarity and assistance. Steps that have been accessed will be shaded in blue and steps that still need to be reviewed are highlighted green. This logic is applied per user, per company. We also made the following updates to stats within the Audit and E-File process:

  • Updated logic used to calculate the stats in Step 2 related to COBRA employees, Retirees, and Collectively Bargained employees.
  • The “Enrolled and Ineligible” stat now matches the report.
  • The “Employee with missing salary information” stat will now be highlighted red when the low-cost plan has contributions set up as “Employee cost % of Monthly Earnings.” This will prevent failures when compensation is missing, saving you time during the transmission process.

Prevent invalid demographic changes: ACA Classification changes, resulting in a demographic change, will not be processed if the company doesn’t have Measurement Periods configured.

ALE Counts Report: We have improved usability of the ALE calculator by moving it into a report to accommodate feedback on various ways the calculator was being utilized.

Email logic updates for Nelco Transmissions: Now, when transmitting to Nelco, the employee’s primary email address will be included.

Unaffordable/Non-Qualifying Offer: This stat has been updated to accurately honor forms that have been manually removed using the “Remove Form” option.

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